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ARY Sona Comiti & ARY Sahulat Bazar Karachi Pakistan

ARY Sona Comiti an Innovative Loyalty Product

ARY Sona Comiti is a program offered by ARY Sahulat that provides specific services and benefits related to consumer purchases. It is designed to enhance the loyalty relationship between customers and Sahulat Business Alliances, as well as online shopping at Sahulat Bazar.

Sahulat itself is a reloadable wallet feature that allows customers to make transactions. Using the Sahulat Card, mobile application, or even without a card. The amount loaded into the Sahulat wallet is referred to as the “Top-up Value.” This value can be used to make payments for any shopping at the business alliances affiliated with Sahulat.

One unique feature of Sahulat is that every payment made using the wallet earns loyalty points, which are called ARY Coins. These coins can only be redeemed against specified products. Such as diamond jewelry in various metals like gold or silver, or making charges of gold bars or jewelry.

The Brand Loyalty Club is an extended relationship program for members of Sahulat. It provides additional benefits and privileges for customers. Amounts paid within the Dollar Deal program are a type of top-up. However, they can only be spent on specified brand products, unlike general shopping.

Overall, ARY Sahulat Bazar and ARY Sona Comiti are part of a loyalty program. One that offers various features, benefits, and rewards for customers. As a result of purchases at Sahulat Business Alliances or engaging in online shopping at Sahulat Bazar.

“ARY Sona Comiti is about making dreams come true – Buying GOLD- A luxury considering the purchasing power based on a vast majority of women in Pakistan.” Asim Qureshi

ARY Sona Comiti is a unique product introduced in Pakistan that combines loyalty marketing, live TV, retail, and e-commerce. It is the brainchild of Chairman ARY Mohammad Iqbal, aiming to integrate the two prime television audience and provide them with a loyalty-based business model.

The Gold Comiti is categorized as a Target Purchase product, meaning it is not considered a saving account. Its standard term or tenor is 20 months, with a standard contribution of PKR 5,000. However, the product offers flexibility in terms of tenor and contribution.

Customers have the option to extend the tenor beyond 20 months, allowing them to continue their participation in the Comiti. Additionally, the minimum contribution required to ensure their presence for the monthly contribution is PKR 1,000, unless specified otherwise.

This unique product aims to provide an opportunity for customers to participate in a loyalty-based program while investing in gold. It combines the convenience of live TV, retail, and e-commerce platforms to offer a holistic and rewarding experience for the customers.

Asim Qureshi

During Asim Qureshi’s tenure as the CEO of ARY Services from 2015 to 2018, several brands and products were launched, including ARY Sahulat Wallet, ARY Sahulat Bazar, and ARY Sona Comiti. Under his leadership, TV game show formats were introduced across the ARY Digital Network, featuring the popular shows Jeeto Pakistan and Eidi. These game shows primarily targeted loyalty program members, creating a synergy between branded entertainment and loyalty marketing.

Asim Qureshi played a key role in spearheading the development of ARY Sona Comiti, ARY Sahulat Wallet, and other products under the umbrella of ARY Services. The goal was to bridge the gap between shopping and TV viewership, leveraging innovative loyalty products.

One example of this innovation is ARY Fashion Bazar, a subset of ARY Sahulat Bazar that focuses on the fashion business. In each episode of the TV show, two designer collections are showcased through live catwalks. The fashion designs on display visually highlight the loyalty product coding, integrating e-commerce and shopping experiences.

This approach of combining entertainment, loyalty marketing, and e-commerce integration has allowed ARY Services to create a unique and engaging platform for its customers. By leveraging the power of TV and offering loyalty benefits, they have successfully transformed the way viewers engage with shopping and entertainment content.

ARY Sahulat Wallet Benchmarks:

ARY Sahulat Bazar has achieved an impressive 300% growth in sales. Indicating the success of their business model and strategies. This growth can be attributed to various factors. Including driving growth marketing, restructuring, and effective P&L management. The revenue verticals, encompassing multiple channels such as retail (including grocery, jewelry, electronics, motorcycles, food, and fashion), e-commerce, call center CRM, events, and TV. Having seen a remarkable 250% increase in revenue under the leadership of the ARY Sahulat team.

In addition to their core business, ARY Sahulat has also ventured into sports events, collaborating with the Pakistan Hockey Federation to organize the ARY Shukriya Pakistan Hockey Cup. This initiative involves event management, TV shows, and music concerts.  Therefore, providing further engagement opportunities for loyalty members. Hence expanding the reach of ARY Sahulat.

ARY Sona Comiti and ARY Sahulat Bazar act as catalysts in influencing viewers to make purchases. By offering value addition in terms of savings in gold, these products have managed to appeal to a larger audience. This business model is particularly well-suited for retail and e-commerce-savvy brands.

The success story of ARY Sahulat and its various ventures can be attributed to the visionary leadership.Most importantly of the chairman Mohammad Iqbal. Moreover, the collective efforts of the entire team based in Karachi, Pakistan. Their innovative approach, strategic planning, and dedication have played a pivotal role. As a result, achieving remarkable growth and establishing ARY Sahulat as a prominent player in the market.


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