ARY Sona Comiti & ARY Sahulat Bazar Karachi Pakistan

ARY Sona Comiti an Innovative Loyalty Product

ARY Sona Comiti & ARY Sahulat Bazar. By definition:

🥇 Firstly, Sahulat is a loyalty relationship product with reloadable wallet features offering specific services and benefits for consumer purchases at Sahulat Business Alliances and/or online shopping at Sahulat Bazar etc.

🔑  Secondly, ARY Sahulat offers transactions through Sahulat Card, without Card or with use of Mobile Application Interchangeably. Amount topped up in Sahulat is called Top-up Value, which can be spent for payment of any shopping at business alliances.

💛  Further, this payment earns loyalty points earned as value back which are called ARY Coins which can only be redeemed against specified products e.g. Diamond Jewelry in any metal of Gold or Silver or making charges of Gold bars or Jewelry.

🌟  Moreover, Brand Loyalty Club is an extended relationship of Member and any amount paid in Dollar Deal is a kind of Top-up which can only be spent over specified brand products unlike general shopping. (ARY Sahulat Wallet Literature)

“ARY Sona Comiti is about making dreams come true – Buying GOLD- A luxury considering the purchasing power based on a vast majority of women in Pakistan.” Asim Qureshi

  • A Gold Comiti for the first time in Pakistan
  • Comiti is classified as a Target Purchase product and shall not be considered a saving account.
  • The Comiti has a standard Term / Tenor of 20 months with a standard contribution of PKR 5,000. However, the product is flexible for Tenor and contrition.
  • A customer can go beyond 20 months and can pay a minimum contribution of PKR 1,000 unless specified otherwise to ensure his presence for the monthly contribution. (source

Above all women are also the leading prime television audience. Integrating the two is the brainchild of none other than Chairman ARY Mohammad Iqbal. The inspiration has come from a Loyalty marketing-based business model on Live TV with Retail and E-commerce. 

ary sona comiti asim qureshi
Asim Qureshi regularly advises Chairman ARY Mohammad Iqbal

Asim Qureshi

Asim Qureshi is a former CEO ARY Services. A business portfolio between 2015-18. ARY Sahulat Wallet, ARY Sahulat Bazar & ARY Sona Comiti, and several other brands. During this time, ARY Sona Comit and ARY Sahulat Wallet brands launched TV game show formats across ARY Digital Network. These included the legendary game shows Jeeto Pakistan and Eidi whose majority audiences were loyalty program members.

Producing branded entertainment based on loyalty marketing TV Games and Audiences on the show. Asim Qureshi spearheading for ARY Sona Comiti and ARY Sahulat Wallet and other products. All under the umbrella of ARY Services. Shopping and TV are poles apart when it comes to prime viewership and ratings. However, ARY’s innovative loyalty products have changed that over the years.

 For example ARY Fashion Bazar, a subset of ARY Sahulat Bazar focussing on the business of fashion. Where each episode on the TV show is promoting the two designer collections showcasing as live catwalks. The fashion design on display is visually highlighting loyalty product coding for e-commerce integration and shopping.

ARY Sahulat Wallet Benchmarks:

• Phenomenal, 300% percent growth in sales at ARY Sahulat Bazar 

 • On the other hand. Driving Growth Marketing, Restructuring, and P&L management. 250% on Revenue verticals through teams across omnichannel i.e. Retail (Grocery+Jewelry+ Electronics+ Motorcycles+ Food+ Fashion), E-commerce, Call Centre CRM, Events, and TV.

 • Spearheading Sports Events with Loyalty Members: ARY Shukriya Pakistan Hockey Cup with Pakistan Hockey Federation, including event management, TV shows, and music concerts.  

Both ARY Sona Comiti and ARY Sahulat Bazar works as a catalyst. To influence the viewer in making a purchase. Value addition in terms of savings in Gold to reach out to a larger audience. This business model is well suited for retail and e-commerce savvy brands.

As a result, a unique success story, thanks to a visionary chairman and the entire team of ARY Sahulat based in Karachi Pakistan.

ary sona comiti 2017 asim qureshi
Fatima Khan