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E-Commerce Marketing: Winning Over Customers

E-Commerce Marketing

Every e-commerce marketing plan like most others also begins with a strategy. 

If yours ends at making a sale then this blog post is not for you. Because marketing doesn’t end there.

While we learn with experience to find the right marketing strategy. Some strategies are timeless in the world of digital marketing and eCommerce.

Such as:

 Word Of Mouth (WOM)

The essence of business these days. That also means, whether you like it or not, people are going to talk about your brand. 

Don’t we love sharing our experiences on social media and not just with our friends? 

Wouldnā€™t you fancy authentic and positive sentiment about your brand is shared by your consumers? 

While you can make this happen organically by providing a great customer experience, you can also encourage, and even create, WOM.

User-Generated Content (UGC) on social media drives traffic to your e-commerce store for FREE. Therefore, find ways for your customers to encourage create content around your brand. Be it competitions, hashtags, or reviews.

Reviews also serve as a promotion because they include remarks of your brand and therefore doing the pitch for you. Encourage your customers to leave reviews 

Testimonials by your customers are also able to get the word out. Present them in interview style where you can construct questions that get to the value you want to share. For e.g ease of buying from your online store.

Asim Qureshi CEO ARY Sahulat Bazar, ARY Sona Committee etc on TV Show. Clip Courtesy ARY Digital Network

Loyalty Program E-Commerce Marketing

Continuity of business is the name of the game. 

A loyalty program helps achieve that. As an e-commerce business when building out a loyalty program. 

Diversifying how customers can show loyalty works best. Whether it be through repeat purchases, comments, and reviews or simply sharing your content. 

Paying off loyalty is essential to win consumer trust, be it through points, discounts, experiences, and perks. Don’t make it difficult for them rather make it memorable. As we did in my time as Ceo of ARY Sahulat Bazar and ARY Sona Committee.

Referral Marketing

Programs like Refer-a-friend can be very efficient at acquiring new customers. Smart marketers start referral programs months before launch. 

An attractive incentive being an integral part of the campaign. The ā€œright incentiveā€ depends entirely on your business plan, therefore, think thoroughly. Plan it as an independent task.  

If you do not promote your referral program as a campaign, then don’t do it. Referral marketing works best for eCommerce and is a great way to grow your user base fast.  

As every existing customer can turn into a new one.

Email Marketing

Holds particular value in the world of e-commerce marketing.

If a user has given consent to receive emails during the checkout process. A follow-up email after the product is delivered shows that you care about them beyond a sale. 

It particularly shows that your company has a long-term interest in them 

It also allows you to get feedback on their purchase experience, which, in turn, helps you. Positive for this type of email is to ask them to write a review.

On the contrary. If a website visitor fails to complete a transaction while theyā€™re in your shopping cart. Send them an email to remind them how to complete the checkout process. Also, recommend other related products to encourage back to your e-commerce store.

In conclusion

Supported by targetted advertising, remarketing, low-cost channels, and most importantly satisfied customers, you can build revenue month after month.

To grow you need specific e-commerce marketing strategies that help build loyal customers who happily consume your brands’ experience repeatedly. 

E-Commerce Marketing

Fatima Khan
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Amazing Interview . Asim Sir you speak with logic. Thanks for sharing

Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan

Nice and short seems like a marketing success story. Do you have the video in English subtitles?

Jovaria N
Jovaria N

So nice to see your interview Asim. I have my own online shop for clothing. How can I get in touch with you or your team?

Abraham Hoffman
Abraham Hoffman

Global ecommerce spending rose 38%

Ms. Khan
Ms. Khan

Thanks for commenting

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