Facebook Marketing: From Fans To Paying Customers

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing campaigns are built on choosing the right objective for your brand. Therefore, creating conversion goals and custom audiences are mandatory.

Optimizing your objectives, so you must choose wisely to engage with paying users. Facebook marketing campaigns use your history, data, and insights to do so. Even better if your website is connected to a Facebook pixel. Don’t forget to do that before you start marketing.

Sharing some best practices for our readers based on tips from experts around the world. Such as:

  • If you don’t have many users, you’ll want to increase your user base first. This could be through your subscriptions. Be sure you exclude people that already are with you. 
  • If your audience is in the millions you can opt for a conversion campaign to help increase the number of paying users. However, be aware that this will drive up costs. 
  •  If you are experimenting, we advise turning Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) off.
  • Facebook marketing will give your experiment a fair run instead of optimizing towards your existing audience which it knows performs well. 
  • To effectively monetize your campaign, we would suggest either a reach campaign or an engagement campaign. 
  • The more people that engage with your ad, the more credible it appears and the higher the relevance of the ad. 
  • The reach campaign is the cheaper of the two, but the engagement campaign may be the most effective. 
  • Start with enough daily budget to reach as many users as possible at the lowest possible cost and increase as you go along. 
  • Also, don’t start and stop your campaigns. This affects the learning process and can make your campaigns less effective. 
  • It’s important to keep an eye on your ad’s performance and only increase your spending if it’s doing well. 
  • If you have a weekend or 3-day promotion, put more of your budget into the first day and pace out over the next day or so. 
  • Make sure the frequency of your ads is not too high. We recommend 2 times in 5 days. If you do run a higher frequency of ads, make sure there is enough variety of creatives to avoid tiring your audience. 
  • If you are running a long-term campaign make sure you are switching out your creative every 2 weeks. 
  • Getting people to interact with your ads is the goal. Whether they click, like, share, or save. These interactions will lower the cost of serving the ad. 
  • Be aware of the 20% text rule on Facebook images and thumbnails. These will make your ads more expensive to serve, resulting in a higher CPM. 
  • Think about the purpose of your ad. Image ads drive more clicks and in turn, get users down the marketing funnel and therefore closer to making a payment. 
  • Video ads are for engagement. They drive better results. You’ve only got 5 seconds to capture their attention. 
  • Reward ads are where gamers and consumers see video ads in exchange for free rewards. Your campaign becomes more memorable because people have to watch the ad to receive the prize! 
  • Be cautious of showing ads that are not relevant to your target audience. This will result in negative sentiment, a low sentiment score, and a higher cost. 
  •  Be prepared with an A-B test plan. With each learning, improve future campaigns based on the insights you have gained. 
  • Don’t forget to test the Facebook CTA. Make sure they are relevant and understand what works the best. 
  • Also, look at the ‘breakdown’ feature for more detailed insights into popular days, times, platforms, and what devices users are converting on. 
  • In conclusion. Test Test Test! .This will be crucial to your success in finding paying users. Also, Look at data from previous campaigns to help drive the future.
Sourced Facebook Data Example

Facebook Marketing

This blog post is based on our experience in Digital Marketing. Inputs include Clients, Agencies, and Freelancers as well as thought leaders we admire. Last but not least Asim Qureshi Founder Starring Brands.

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M Abdullah
M Abdullah

Excellent! Although its a misconception that facebook isn’t in. Facebook marketing is still very effective.

Maria Spatzy
Maria Spatzy

Many digital marketing said it doesn’t work. But It still no 1 for most of us. We manage the marketing for small business and shops here in Warsaw.

Ahram Khan
Ahram Khan

Impressive. Please Sir I would like to work with you. I have emailed my cv and I am from Karachi

Tori Clay
Tori Clay

Well I’ve said it before. Fish Where The Fish Are.

Sunil Achari
Sunil Achari

Thanks for sharing best practices. Very Informative.

Amelia B. Ross
Amelia B. Ross

Well if facebook is going to steal your data and spy on you and might as well give something back. Paying customers I will buy that.


No Sir I don’t agree. Twitter is far more effective. Facebook is losing it.

Oliver Hoffman
Oliver Hoffman

Hello I am a native german speaker and citizen with expertise in speaking and writing fluent English. I would like to offer my service to you. Have also sent email through contact us form.

Ms. Khan
Ms. Khan

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