Why Connect?

We are grateful to our 25 clients and 32 brands who trusted us over the years.  We love marketing a brand using a combination of strategy and leadership experience.

Our Services include:

OR Why Connect?

Our Founder Asim Qureshi also works as a consultant on projects. Backed by leadership experience such as:

-Innovating Loyalty Marketing: LIVE Events+ Fashion+ Music+Sports+TV Game Show based on Shopping via ARY Sahulat Payment Wallet Omnichannel (E-Commerce+E Shops+ Grocery Retail+ Fashion Bazars+Restaurants)

-DigitallyTransforming Music Business: Licensing & Publishing for Pakistan’s largest TV Network ARY

-Pioneering Movie Partnerships for leading FMCG’s (EBM+ Engro +Lotte+Pepsi+Unilever etc)

-Trend Setting Real Estate Marketing & Launch of Pakistan’s First Shopping mall with Cinemas
Piloting the First Pakistan Fashion Week Launch at the Lakme Fashion Week India with the help and support of IMG Asia Pacific and Jang Group
-Organizing the Launch Events in USA and UK for Pakistan’s leading news broadcaster Geo TV                                                   

-Negotiating International business and strategic partnerships including complex relationships across borders. Doing it twice in India for Pakistan’s Fashion and Textile industry i.e at Femina and Lakme Fashion Weeks.

So Just tell us what we can do for you.? 

Why Connect?

A Legacy in Marketing with a focus on Brand Strategy, Content, Media and Publicity Experience. Such as: . Avatar 20th Century Fox Marketing . ARY Digital Network & ARY Films . Atrium Pakistan’s First Digital Cinema . Ali Zafar Marketing . Bhutto Documentary Marketing . Beena Asim Furniture and Fashion . Cristian Ronaldo Clear Campaign (Unilever) . Engro Tarang Reality TV (HBKT) Show . Femina India Libas Pakistan Bridal Show . Geo Films Branding and Licensing Deals . Ice Age & Engro Omore Branding and Licensing Deal . Lipton (Unilever) Guinness Book Of World Records Tribute TV Show . Lotte PPTA First Corporate Film and Documentary . Mandviwalla Entertainment Branding and Licensing Deals . Moor The Film Marketing . Mountain Dew Man Of Steel (Warner Bros) Licensing Deals . My Name Is Khan Marketing . Nokia Man Of Steel Licensing Deals . Pakistan Fashion Week . Ponds Retinol (Unilever) Influencer Marketing Campaign . RIO The Movie 20th Century Fox Branding and Licensing Deals