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Starring Brands : A Legacy In Branding, Content, Media & PR

Firstly acclaimed as “Pioneers” in marketing for the media and entertainment industry in Pakistan. Secondly, responsible for groundbreaking partnerships for Cinema, Film, Fashion, Music, Sports and Television. Including the series of firsts like International licensing and commercial deal for Branding and Merchandising on Packaging with Hollywood Movies.

Starring Brands, led by Asim Qureshi. Trailblazing branding in the media and entertainment industry over two decades. By integrating products seamlessly with popular television shows, film, cinema, digital and live events. Providing a unique and effective way for brands to reach their target audience.

Their expertise in branding, content creation, media, and PR services further suggests a comprehensive approach to marketing and promotion. By leveraging their knowledge and experience in the media, entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle industries, Starring Brands likely played a vital role in shaping successful marketing campaigns and achieving notable results for their clients.

For example. Working as co-producers in leading TV series, such as those involving brands like Engro Foods Tarang. Additionally, Unilever’s Ponds and Clear Shampoo’s extensive content creation and pr campaigns before advertising was launched across media. Demonstrating the agency’s ability to create successful collaborations between brands and movies. Case studies like Peak Freans Rio with 20th Century Fox international licensing of RIO the movie. Moreover, Nokia with Warner Bros Dark Knight franchise. Starring Brands likely helped to enhance brand visibility and engagement among viewers.

It’s intriguing to see how Starring Brands initiated this concept two decades ago, and it demonstrates their innovative thinking and foresight in recognizing the potential of integrating products with popular entertainment content.


Starring Brands Clients


That’s quite an impressive accomplishment! Starring Brands’ specialization in branding high net worth client projects for over two decades speaks to their expertise in catering to the unique needs and preferences of affluent clients. By successfully executing branding strategies for high net worth entertainment projects, Starring Brands has likely built a reputation for delivering exceptional results in the field.

Their wide range of experience in Branding, Content Creation, Media, and Public Relations suggests that Starring Brands offers a comprehensive suite of services to their clients. This broad expertise allows them to develop cohesive and impactful marketing campaigns that encompass various aspects of brand promotion and communication.

“The fact that Starring Brands enjoys an incomparable reputation in marketing leadership specifically for the entertainment industry further underscores their excellence in this field. Working with clients in the entertainment industry requires a deep understanding of its dynamics, trends, and target audience, and Starring Brands seems to have successfully navigated these challenges to establish themselves as industry leaders.”

Overall, Starring Brands’ long-standing experience, wide-ranging expertise, and unmatched reputation in marketing leadership within the entertainment industry position them as a highly sought-after agency for high net worth clients looking to enhance their brand presence and achieve marketing success.

Founder Asim Qureshi

Asim Qureshi’s impressive background and accomplishments further highlight his industry leadership status. His experience as a former CEO at Pakistan’s Top 2 Media Organizations is also unique. Indicating his extensive knowledge and understanding of the media landscape in the country. This experience likely contributes to Starring Brands’ ability to create effective marketing strategies that resonate with the local audience.

The establishment of Brand TV and Brand Cinema as specialists in branded entertainment demonstrates innovative approach to marketing. By recognizing the power of integrating brands into entertainment platforms, he has positioned Starring Brands at the forefront of this emerging field. This expertise in branded entertainment likely allows the agency to create unique and engaging experiences for audiences while effectively promoting brands.

Overall, Asim Qureshi and Starring Brands have consistently demonstrated their commitment to living up to their name by effectively promoting and “starring” brands in the market. Their industry leadership, extensive experience, and innovative approaches position them as a reputable and successful marketing agency, capable of delivering exceptional results for their clients.

Maria Umer