Think About the Cinema and not just Film in Marketing

Think about the cinema and not just film Pakistan is a series of published works by Asim Qureshi originally written in 2012. The analysis of the status of becoming an industry and the lack of consistently profitable return on investment in making a film is relevant today.

In Pakistan, most don’t think cinema but want to be involved with films. Almost everyone wants to associate with one. Some even want to make films but fall short. When asked for industry numbers. In a country where cinema is finally waking up from a coma of sorts lasting a whole generation. One tends to witness “the more we hear the less we know” syndrome firmly in place. Thanks largely to the newfound infatuation with the big screen. However, it is not a marriage with the industry as terms like revival and rebuilding in Pakistan almost sound irrelevant today. When nothing significant comes out to keep the screens alive whole year-round.

When you start to think cinema and not just film issues will emerge as Pakistan is evolving. Film making is a more risky business. Attracting a viable audience and pulling in the crowds to pay for your movie remains much of a challenge. An enduring problem, films with positive reviews mostly flop and those loathed at by critics (sometimes correctly) turn out to be blockbusters.

Think about the cinema and not just film because Distribution is the key

If you ask me, distribution is the key to making money out of a feature film. There needs to be a professional understanding between filmmakers, distributors and cinemas. For a picture to gain, the holders have to be reassured that it is likely to attract a reasonable audience. Take the case of Ali Zafar’s “Teefa in Trouble” distributed by Mandviwalla Entertainment. Its box office success led to an industry wide endorsement. A challenging (election) time and a non holiday release. This has never happened before in Pakistan.

Marketing is essential

think cinema pakistan and not just film

Those who allow for a “build-up” to create interest months before release usually gain favorable returns. Most projects do not have this luxury due to lack of budgets.The “Positioning” film-attracting specific audiences- requires considerable skill. Since communicating effectively with 6-9 year olds who may want you to take them to cinemas for their favorite movie is vastly different. From say 16-24 year olds who like to go with their friends and so forth. Unfortunately, most media partners when it comes to movies are selling their own airtime.

Focus on Target Audience

Partnering with TV media is still the preferred way of going wrong. Largely around their news watching habits of the male skew audience. The soap watching female is a woman who is sobbing profusely when your comic trailer pops up her screen. The same film may be packaged differently for a range of potential audiences to attract the maximum number of audiences to suit your film’s environment and the message. Take the case for RIO2 distributed by Geo Films largely on the wealth of success, a franchise. Built-in Pakistan previously due to its phenomenal marketing campaign by another sub-distributor along with sponsor Peek Freans RIO. Normally one would expect a Geo TV’s news network to drive its film promotion, but the critical success factor of kids and right audience marketing helped distributors to achieve the milestone of the highest-grossing movies in its genre.

Think about the cinema and not just film (Cinema vs Film)

It is important to understand the business of cinema if you hope to make a career in this field. Most new entrants have a passion for film production but have little or no interest in or knowledge of the challenges presented by management. I would like to emphasize newcomers direct their efforts towards wealth creation aspects of the industry. Far too many people want to be directors and creators whereas the need of the hour is good producers and marketing managers. With Pakistan’s cinema finally on the brink of making a comeback, perhaps the time has come for those involved to understand that it is a collaborative process.

A good starting point is to think about the cinema in Pakistan and not just film.
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