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Why Connect?

Why Connect.. with Starring Brands

Portfolio :

Branded Content & Branded Entertainment

Highlights: EBM RIO Biscuits and 20th Century Fox RIO The Movie Licensing Engro Omore Ice Cream Ice Age Licensing Engro Hero Bannay Ke Tarang TV Show Express My Name Is Khan Jazz 20th Century Fox Avatar Licensing Jazz Universal Pictures Non-Stop Licensing Kolson 20th Century Fox EPIC Licensing Lipton Guinness Book Of World Records TV Show Lux Premiere Atrium Cinemas Pre-Launch Mountain Dew Warner Bros Dark Knight Rises Licensing Nokia Warner Bros Man Of Steel Licensing Nokia Warner Bros Dark Knight Rises Licensing

Creative Production

Femina India Libas Pakistan Bridal Fashion Show & TV Content ARY Digital Network EIDI Show Cristiano Ronaldo Clear Shampoo Campaign PR Content Engro & Bulls Eye Hero Bannay K Tarang TV Show Express News My Name Is Khan TV Content Lipton Guinness Book World Records TV Show Lotte PPTA Documentary & Digital Videos Ponds Retinol Digital & TV Content

Content Marketing

Cristiano Ronaldo Clear Shampoo Ponds Retinol Engro Hero Bannay Ke Tarang Liam Neeson Non-Stop Ali Zafar 20th Century Fox International Beena Asim Furniture & Fashion Dr. Fazeela Abbasi

Media, Publicity & PR

Engro Hero Bannay k Tarang, Cristiano Ronaldo Clear , My Name Is Khan, Beena Asim Furniture, Bhutto The Film Atrium Pakistan’s First Digital & 3D Cinemas Launch, Avatar 20th Century Fox , Don 2, Life Of PI 20th Century Fox Mandviwalla Entertainment, Pakistan Fashion Week , Ponds Retinol Warner Bros & Nokia Dark Knight Rises and Man Of Steel, Ali Zafar

Why Connect?.. with Asim Qureshi

Asim Qureshi has a unique and diverse background in leadership, change management in media, marketing and the fashion industry. As an advisor, board member, interviewee, or speaker, he can offer insights and expertise in various areas. If you’re interested in connecting with him for any of these roles, you can visit his LinkedIn profile or reach out to him directly through the platform.

You may contact for the following roles:

  • Advisor
  • Board Member
  • Interview
  • Speaker

Click to visit on Linkedin| Founder x 2 | Advisor | Former CEO x 2 Media | Producer| Industry Leader ✔️Talks about #business, #media, #marketing, #inspiration and #events

Why Connect?.. with Blog

Connecting with our blog can be beneficial for several reasons. Here are a few:

  1. Learning from experiences: By sharing our own case studies and experiences, we provide readers with valuable insights and practical knowledge they can apply to their own lives or endeavors.
  2. Strategy guidance: Our blog offers a combination of strategy and case studies, which can help readers understand how to approach different topics or challenges more effectively.
  3. Personal branding: Our blog covers topics such as personal branding, content marketing, and PR, which can help individuals enhance their personal brand and professional presence.
  4. Industry insights: The inclusion of fashion, media, and sports-related topics allows readers to gain insights into these industries and learn about marketing strategies specific to those fields.
  5. Inspiration and motivation: Through our blog posts, we hope to inspire and motivate our readers by discussing the value of real success stories.

Connecting with our blog can provide readers with valuable knowledge, practical advice, and inspiration across various subjects.

Email: starringbrands@asimqureshi.com | WhatsApp (click on the icon)