Asim Qureshi: Industry Leader From Pakistan

Asim Qureshi
Asim Qureshi

Widely acknowledged for best in class media, entertainment, advertising and public relations. Including the historic visit to Pakistan of Bollywood’s Amir Khan for Imran Khan & SKMT Cancer Hospital Events and Live Telethon on Geo TV.

Becoming an international producer in 2003 at Dubai Media City. One of the first Pakistani’s to do so independently. Therefore, founding Starring Brands previously as Brand TV & BRAND CINEMA. Pursuing an ambition to Brand Pakistan internationally.

LAUNCHING PAKISTAN FASHION WEEK INTERNATIONALLY: From negotiating to carving a niche in a global marketplace, to co-producing (shows) and marketing an industry at the best platforms in India i.e Femina and Lakme Fashion Week. Finally launching a much-awaited dream in 2007 on the IMG Fashion Week Circuit. Therefore, creating history for Pakistan and its vibrant fashion design and textile industry in the times to come.

RE-BRANDING PAKISTAN CINEMA: Leading a new era of branded entertainment as a pioneer. Starting as early as Jinnah The Movie, to the new era of Digital Cinema with Mandviwalla’s Atrium and supporting films like Jami’s Moor, Bilal Lashari’s Waar, Asim Reza’s Ho Mann Jahan to Saqib Malik’s Baji. Besides an extensive list of international movies. From 20th Century Fox titles like Avatar, Life of Pi, Rio and Ice Age franchises to Warner Bros Man Of Steel and Dark Knight to name a few.

Moreover, a rare C-Level Executive was also hired by the quintessential of Pakistan’s Media Industry, i.e as CEO at ARY and Geo/Jang Group. Over the year’s Asim has also extensively co-produced advertising, branded entertainment and pr content for Bulls Eye DDB advertising. Including supporting for their MARKETING & PR of Pakistan Pavilion Dubai Expo 2020.

A passion for knowledge, learning from new experiences and paying it forward is still driving after 25+ years.


As a result, the largest media group from Pakistan JANG Group & GEO TV hired Asim Qureshi as their CEO of Events. The youngest media CEO at the age of 31 across the industry. Most noteworthy it was during his tenure Geo TV launched its channels with historic events In the USA and the UK besides India.


The 2004 and 2007 events were the first success stories produced on internationally recognized platforms and attended by world media. Therefore, creating history for Pakistan and its vibrant fashion design and textile industry.

Pursuing an ambition to promote Brand Pakistan internationally on the global circuit of IMG Fashion Weeks. Producing at two of the leading platforms in India i.e Femina and Lakme. Finally launching a much-awaited dream  Pakistan Fashion Week in 2007.

Taking Pakistan fashion industry global (femina 2004) + (lakme 2007)

At the prestigious Lakme Fashion Week by IMG. The show was Co-Produced by Asim Qureshi himself and sponsored by GEO and Jang Group.

Asim Qureshi leading entertainment marketer from Pakistan

However, to pursue the next chapter of his life, Asim left Geo TV to launch  BRAND CINEMA. Part of Starring Brand”s legacy. Leading a new era of branded entertainment marketing. Largely pioneering brand partnerships, sponsorships, and licensing to help re-build and grow Pakistan Cinema Industry.

With films like Avatar, Don 2, Dark Knight Franchise, Ice Age Franchise, My Name Is Khan, Man Of Steel, Life Of PI, Rio-the-movie and WAAR to name a few. Furthermore, his services were also commissioned by leading distributors like Mandviwalla & Geo Films, 20th Century Fox affiliates, IMGC, Reliance, Warner Bros. Moreover, Corporate giants like Unilever and MindhShare, EBM, Engro Foods, Mobilink Jazz, Nokia, Lotte, Pepsi Co., etc. all partnered with him.

ASIM QURESHI is the only marketing professional to have worked to deliver sponsorships with all leading film distributors in Pakistan. Starting as early as the millenium with Jinnah The Movie Marketing including the iconic song “Junoon Aur Ishq Sey Milty Hai Azadi.” for Mandviwalla Entertainment.

Think About Cinema

Press : Nokia Presents Man Of Steel Premiere by Warner Bros


In 2015, the chairman of ARY Mohammad Iqbal engages his services as a consultant and branded entertainment producer. For example, to develop and launch a Live TV game show from Lahore which integrates ARY Sahulat Loyalty Marketing with television. Therefore, this marketing strategy helps in attracting the show’s prime audience in Punjab. Consequently, ARY Sahulat Bazar brand expands their footprint in the province. Above all, a win-win for all.

As a result, In 2016 Asim Qureshi joins ARY Digital Network as CEO of ARY Services. Spearheading special projects like Sahulat Bazar, Shukriya Pakistan,Made In Pakistan, and Karachi Kings.

Asim Qureshi Karachi Kings ARY
Asim Qureshi served as Head of Branding Karachi Kings in the formative years of PSL

In conclusion

The journey has been nothing short of high achievement in a short span of time. Considering Asim Qureshi is only 45 at the time of writing this in 2018.

All things considered. Asim Qureshi is also well traveled.

That is to say, Dubai, Delhi, Istanbul, Jaipur, Glasgow, Goa, Mumbai, New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Washington DC besides Pakistan. 

work and travel

Furthermore, he has been WRITING as a contributor for several leading English publications

Aurora |Quora | Medium | KT

Certainly inspiring those who believe in actions speaking louder than words. 

asim qureshi washington dc
Special Visit of The Newseum Washington on USA Independence Day

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