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The visit of Bollywood megastar Amir Khan to Pakistan, specifically to the Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore, 16 years ago marked a significant event. Prime Minister Imran Khan recently took a stroll down memory lane by sharing throwback images of Amir Khan’s visit on his official Instagram page.

The purpose of Amir Khan’s visit to Lahore in December 2004 was to help raise funds for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. Imran Khan, who is the head of the hospital, extended the invitation to Amir Khan for this noble cause. The throwback images shared by the Prime Minister serve as a reminder of the collaboration between Bollywood and the healthcare sector in Pakistan.

16 years ago. Amir Khan visits the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, @imrankhan.pti
December 2004. Amir Khan visits the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, @imrankhan.pti

Amir Khan in Pakistan

The Shaukat Khanum Hospital is renowned for its contributions to cancer treatment and research in Pakistan. The involvement of a prominent Bollywood figure like Amir Khan in supporting this cause not only brought attention to the hospital but also helped generate funds and raise awareness about the importance of cancer care.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s gesture of sharing these throwback images reflects the significance of Amir Khan’s visit and highlights the ongoing efforts to combat cancer in Pakistan. It serves as a reminder of the shared commitment to improving healthcare and fighting against this devastating disease.

Overall, the visit of Amir Khan to the Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore, as depicted through these throwback images, represents a moment of collaboration, fundraising, and raising awareness about cancer care in Pakistan.

Amir Khan Imran Khan Asim Qureshi

Amir Khan’s involvement in fund-raising activities in Pakistan showcases his dedication to philanthropy and supporting important causes. During his visit, he attended two fund-raising dinners in Lahore and Karachi, as well as participated in a three-hour fundraising telethon at the Geo TV studios in Karachi.

The management of the deal for these events, TV shows, and talent management was handled by Asim Qureshi, who worked directly with Imran Khan on behalf of Jang Group and Geo TV. This collaboration between the entertainment industry and media organizations demonstrates the collective effort to raise funds and create awareness for charitable initiatives.

Fund-raising dinners and telethons are common methods used to generate donations for charitable organizations. By utilizing Amir Khan’s star power and the reach of media platforms like Geo TV, these events aimed to engage the public and encourage their support for the causes being promoted.

The involvement of Asim Qureshi and the collaboration with Imran Khan indicates the coordination and partnership between various stakeholders in organizing these fund-raising initiatives. Such partnerships are crucial for the success of large-scale events and fundraising campaigns.

Overall, Amir Khan’s participation in fund-raising dinners, telethons, and collaborations with media organizations highlights his commitment to using his influence and platform for philanthropic endeavors. These efforts aim to generate financial support and raise awareness for important social causes in Pakistan.

Imran Khan, Asim Qureshi, Amir Khan at SKMT Lahore 2004
Imran Khan, Asim Qureshi, Amir Khan at SKMT Lahore 2004

Amir Khan On Media

Amir Khan’s response to the question highlights the potential role of media in promoting friendly relations between nations. He emphasized that sports, arts, and culture have the power to transcend borders and unite people.

Amir Khan expressed his personal stance of not appearing in any film that promotes hatred towards any nation. This stance reflects his commitment to fostering understanding and avoiding narratives that perpetuate animosity. He recognizes the influence of media in shaping public perception and believes in using it responsibly to promote harmony and unity.

However, Amir Khan also acknowledged that some producers may exploit basic human emotions to generate quick profits. This statement suggests his awareness of the commercial nature of the film industry and the potential for manipulation of sentiments for financial gain.

By making these statements, Amir Khan emphasizes the importance of using media, including films, as a positive force to bridge divides and promote peace. He highlights the need for responsible storytelling and encourages the industry to prioritize narratives that foster empathy, understanding, and respect among nations and cultures.

Overall, Amir Khan’s response reflects his belief in the power of media to influence public opinion and promote friendly relations. His personal commitment to avoiding divisive narratives in his own work demonstrates his dedication to using his platform to promote unity and cultural exchange.

Amir Khan on India Pakistan

Amir Khan’s statement regarding the preference of Indians for Pakistani TV series, comedic theater, and music, while people in Pakistan prefer Bollywood cinema, highlights the cross-cultural exchange and appreciation of artistic forms between the two countries. This exchange demonstrates the transcendent power of art and entertainment in connecting people beyond national boundaries.

Additionally, Amir Khan expressed his interest in acting in a Pakistani film, provided that the project receives the approval of both governments and has a compelling concept and plot. This statement reflects his openness to exploring opportunities for collaboration and cultural exchange between the Indian and Pakistani film industries.

The mention of government approval underscores the diplomatic and logistical considerations that may arise when working across borders. Given the complex relationship between India and Pakistan, such approvals are often necessary to facilitate cross-border projects.

Amir Khan’s willingness to work on a Pakistani film demonstrates his commitment to fostering artistic cooperation and creating meaningful content that resonates with audiences from different backgrounds. By expressing interest in such collaborations, he encourages dialogue and artistic exchange between the two nations.


In summary, Amir Khan’s visit highlights the ongoing efforts to combat cancer in Pakistan. It serves as a reminder of the shared commitment to improving healthcare and fighting against this devastating disease. Moreover, his observations about the preference for different forms of entertainment in India and Pakistan highlight the cultural exchange between the two countries.

On a lighter note. His interest in acting in a Pakistani film demonstrates his openness to cross-border collaborations, provided certain conditions are met. Hence, these statements reflect his dedication to promoting artistic cooperation and fostering meaningful connections between India and Pakistan.

A Clip of Amir khan’s Interview with Umer Sharif at SKMT Fund Raiser in Lahore 2004
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