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GEO News & JANG Media Group My Journey

Geo News and Jang Media Group based in Karachi Pakistan is the country’s largest.

That’s correct! The Jang Media Group is indeed one of the largest media conglomerates in the country. The group owns and operates several prominent media outlets. Including the Daily Jang,The News newspapers and Geo News and Geo Entertainment TV.

The Daily Jang newspaper is renowned as Pakistan’s largest newspaper in terms of circulation and readership. It has a long history, being published since 1939, which means it predates the establishment of Pakistan as an independent nation. The newspaper has a wide reach and is published in Urdu and language. Catering to a diverse audience across Pakistan.

Geo TV, owned by the Jang Media Group, is a leading television network in Pakistan. It is considered a pioneer in modern news broadcasting in the country. Has been on the air for over two decades, providing news, current affairs, entertainment, and other programming to viewers worldwide. Geo TV has played a significant role in shaping the media landscape in Pakistan, and its programs are watched by a large number of people.

Both the Daily Jang newspaper and Geo TV have a significant influence on public opinion. Known for their comprehensive coverage of national and international news, politics, social issues, and entertainment. They have a substantial presence in the media industry and continue to be important players in shaping public discourse in Pakistan.

GEO News & JANG Media Group as CEO Events

Geo News & Jang Media

Asim Qureshi’s involvement in delivering major deals and co-producing leading events internationally. Such as the launch events of Geo TV in the USA and UK, highlights expertise in event planning and management. Organizing events in multiple cities on the same night in the USA demonstrates leadership to handle complex logistics and coordination.

Moreover, holding the UK launch event at the iconic Trafalgar Square. Therefore, indicates the scale and significance of the event. Negotiating and presenting to embassies, local governments, and event logistics partners further showcases skills in building partnerships and managing relationships.

Overall, achievements as the youngest CEO at Jang Media Group, highlights talent, dedication, and contributions. As a result, to the growth and success of the media group and the wider media industry in Pakistan.

Key Events

It was during Asim Qureshi’s tenure as CEO Events that most iconic event projects took place.

  • Pakistan Fashion Week Launch (Including IMG Workshops and Trainings Fashion Industry Wide) 2007
  • Launch Show Of IDEAS Karachi Ministry Of Defence Government of Pakistan 2006
  • Youth Convention for Ministry of Culture & Youth Government of Islamabad Pakistan 2006
  • National Volunteer Convention Islamabad for Government Of Pakistan Post Earthquake 2005-6
  • 20th World SQUASH Team Championship Islamabad with Pakistan Squash Federation 2005-6
  • BIGGEST India Pakistan Music CONCERT(Over 50 Artistes) 2005
  • 7th SAARC Trade Fair for Export Promotion Bureau Karachi 2004


As the first-ever Convergence Director of the largest media group in the industry. Responsible for orchestrating cross-functional special projects. Overseeing their entire lifecycle, from conception to launch. Role involved partnering with various teams and driving every step of the people management process. Including planning, budgeting, and organizing workflow.

Special Projects
  1. Imran Khan SKMT Bollywood Amir Khan Telethon + Events + TV, Print, and Digital Content: You played a key role in coordinating and managing the SKMT (Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust) Bollywood Amir Khan Telethon, along with associated events and content across multiple media platforms. This initiative likely aimed to raise funds and awareness for the charitable work of the trust, possibly featuring renowned Bollywood actor Amir Khan.
  2. Geo News USA Launch Event: Being part of the launch event for Geo News in the USA: Contributed to the planning, organization, and execution of a significant milestone in expanding the reach of Geo News to an international audience. This event likely involved presentations, promotional activities, and engaging with the local community to establish Geo News as a prominent news source in the USA.
  3. Geo News UK Launch Event: Similar to the USA launch event, involvement in the Geo News UK launch event indicates your role in expanding the network’s presence in the United Kingdom. Launching Geo News in the UK would have involved strategic planning, marketing efforts, and possibly a grand event to introduce the channel to the British audience.
  4. Launching Pakistan Fashion Week with IMG Asia Pacific: Your contribution to launching Pakistan Fashion Week in collaboration with IMG Asia Pacific is a significant achievement. This initiative likely aimed to showcase Pakistani fashion and talent on an international platform, attracting industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and media coverage. Your role would have involved extensive coordination, partnership building, and event management to ensure the success of this landmark event.


Asim’s experience in driving these diverse and high-profile projects demonstrates his ability to navigate complex initiatives. Collaborating with multiple stakeholders, and successfully bring them to fruition. His contributions to the media group’s expansion, charity events, and fashion industry highlights versatility. Moreover, expertise in managing various aspects of the media and entertainment industry.

Becoming the CEO of Events at the Jang Media Group at the age of 31. It is indeed a remarkable achievement by Asim Qureshi. Especially considering the stature of the media group in Pakistan’s media industry. It speaks of the trust placed by the media mogul and founder of Geo and publisher of Jang, Mir Shakeel Ur Rahman.

Until it ended.

Fatima Khan