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Presenting Shaan to the Press at the Premiere of his biggest movie in modern era



1. Work Underway on 3D Cinema In Karachi (Click to Read on Express Tribune)

According to Asim Qureshi, who is promoting Atrium Cinemas in Karachi, “We have successfully installed the digital equipment at the Atrium Cinema; we have started testing the equipment and are busy training the staff.”

2. Lights, Camera, Action! The Revival Of Cinema Industry In Pakistan (Click to Read on Express Tribune)

3D and shift to digital technology are key factors. All the industries in the world have changed because of technology; cinema is no exception, Asim Qureshi.

3. Cinemas Come Back To Life (Click to Read on Express Tribune)

“Like the past two years, this time around also, Eid belonged to Salman Khan as we are still getting back-to-back housefuls for Bodyguard,” said Asim Qureshi, Owner of Brand TV and Cinema and the exclusive promoter of Atrium cinema, Karachi.

4. Rio Takes Off (Click to Read on Express Tribune)

According to Asim Qureshi, the owner of Brand TV and Brand Cinema and the exclusive promoter of Atrium Cinema in Karachi, “the opening of Rio is actually a celebration for the children…and the best part is that the biscuit company Peek Freans, the food chain McDonalds and Nickelodeon TV are the major partners in promoting the film in Pakistan”.

5. Bhaag Mikha Bhaag Not Banned In Pakistan (Click to Read on Express Tribune)

“Most Hollywood releases in Ramazan are expected to be pushed till after Ramazan,” Asim Qureshi, Ceo of Brand TV and Brand Cinema, told The Express Tribune.

6. Animated young lot arrive at the Red Carpet (Click to Read on Express Tribune)

Families turn up at the Atrium Cinemas to watch the first show of the movie.The organiser of the event, Asim Qureshi, believed that the movie would be a bigger and more successful venture than Rio and Ice Age III, which were also launched by him.

7. Crazy Queues for the Dark Knight in Pakistan (Click to Read on Express Tribune)

Qureshi said that sneak previews are a relatively new concept in Pakistan, where tickets for exclusive previews are sold at a higher price. The regular ticket for The Dark Knight Rises is priced at Rs350, whereas the sneak previews are being sold at Rs750 each.


8. Star Talk. He can be your hero (Click to Read on Khaleej Times)

Pakistan’s Ryan Seacrest, Faisal Qureshi, follows on from judge Resham and speaks to City Times about Pakistan’s groundbreaking reality TV show, Hero Bannay Ke Tarang.

9. Reality Byte. Lollywood Idol (Click to Read on Khaleej Times)

A BRIGHTLY LIT stage, three judges and a bevy of hopefuls competing for their shot at fame, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

10. Zafar Appeal. (Click to Read on Khaleej Times)

ALI ZAFAR HAS always lived by the Star Trek tagline, “to boldly go where no man has gone before.

11. Bridging the gap. (Click to Read on Khaleej Times)

Humayun Saeed is a Pakistani actor who has gained notoriety on both sides of the border, being a big player in both Lollywood and Bollywood alike.

12. Jhoom Raider. (Click to Read on Khaleej Times)

POPULARLY KNOWN IN his native Pakistan as the “Prince of Pop,” Ali Zafar appears to have come of age, both as a musician and artist. An album launch for his latest record Jhoom was recently hosted at Karachi’s Mohatta Palace.

13. Good morning Doctor by Asim QureshI : (Click to Read on Khaleej Times)

Good Morning Pakistan’s host, Dr Shaista Wahidi speaks to City Times on the celebration of her show’s first anniversary.


14. Warner Bros Man Of Steel Event Coverage (Click to Read on dawn.com)

Preluding the event, a ‘Black Carpet’ event by NokiaMan of Steel’s official global partner, and the invitee of Dawn.com – organizer Asim Quraishi’s Brand Cinema.

15. “Popcorn and much more” AURORA (Click to Read on dawn.com)

Going to the movies is not only about the film. Brands have a chance of becoming part of the overall experience. (Asim Qureshi writes for Aurora)

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