Narrative: How To Build One That Sells


Story telling is central to understanding how to construct a narrative.
A winning narrative, on the other hand, is about a story that inspires.
It is typically told by an influencer with the ability to compel them to act.
As a result, enough customers are attracted to the desired action.

Every such story has three main components.
They are as follows:

Ethos, Logos and Pathos:

What is our own story?
OR, the original vision for which we were founded. Be it an organization, a political party, or any other group. Ethos is about establishing your authority to speak on the subject, logos is your logical argument for your point and pathos is your attempt to sway an audience emotionally.

We need to decide on the structure of our argument
Ethos, Logos and Pathos. (Click to read) The Structure of a Great Speech as all forms are applicable.

 “Invention is doing your homework: thinking up in advance exactly what arguments can be made both for and against a given proposition. If there is one theme that resonates throughout Leith’s book, it’s that you must know your audience; their interests, prejudices and expectations.

FS Blog: Ethos, Logos and Pathos
Building Pakistan’s best selling narrative today

Many credit this to his followers and social media outreach. However. It is also critical to delve deeply into his core message over the past two decades.
It’s us versus them.

There is no doubt about who is Pakistan’s most powerful influencer.
Imran Khan’s current narrative may be dubious, but it sells better than the mainstream media and opposition combined.

One needs to understand why?

asim qureshi

Purpose & Narrative:

The outcome that an influencer and a follower strive for is the shared purpose.
It’s more like a shared journey based on value.

Explaining how to achieve the goal is a part of the journey.

Sustainability and fashion haven’t always gotten along.
There are significant untapped opportunities, and Adidas has committed to increasing its efforts.
Only recycled plastic will be used beginning in 2024, and by 2050, all production will be carbon-neutral.

Image: Adidas media-center

The other is a strategy for getting there.

One of the ways they hope to promote and incorporate sustainability into their culture is through a new employee training program called “How to Think and Act Sustainably,” which gives employees the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world through their daily actions.
This four-week training combines self-study with conversations with colleagues from around the world to make employees aware of how they practice sustainability through a different lens, with a different starting point, and with a variety of ways to make a difference.
In some ways, the process resembles co-creation.

Story & Human Touch:

Human relationships necessitate honesty.
As a result, corporations and brands are perceived as human beings rather than objects.
As a result, the context of a narrative must be human rather than institutional.

It answers the most basic question: “Who are you?”

Unilever Dove Real Beauty Pledge (click here)

Why Do Consultants and Experts Perform Best?

A narrative is frequently about changing the narrative.

As a result, it is usually a case of working against ourselves and our internal biases.
It will be extremely difficult to break the patterns that are holding us back.
As a result, the greatest leaders, both political and corporate, have a long history.
Recruiting the most qualified experts and consultants in order to achieve the desired result

Leadership in narrative change, let alone social change, is dependent on the ability to challenge our assumptions and defaults in order to forge new, more informed practices.

Only consultants and experts are better suited to assist with this.

Asim Qureshi celebrating success as consultant for Chairman ARY

Who would know this better than Asim Qureshi himself. Having consulted for leading business owners.

Execution of a Narrative

Maintaining a checklist for communication teams to align on rapid-response talking points and create more press releases is not the same as executing a narrative.
It is also not putting more public relations firms in charge of speaking for us.
That may be our current communication infrastructure, but it has nothing to do with creating a narrative.

Execution is solely concerned with assembling a tight network of people.
Therefore, organizing on the ground and collaborating across sectors. To create strategic and compelling narrative ideas.

Moreover, immersing people in a sustained series of narrative experiences. As a result requiring them to change hearts, minds, behaviors, and relationships.

Despite the odds of the imbalanced resources stacked against us.


We can create videos, upload them to the internet, and have them reach a few hundred people—or even a million—for a minute.
(For the time being, we’ll ignore whether those videos take the most effective approach to content and framing in service of our ultimate goals.)
However, we must construct the infrastructure that will make those videos known, loved, and referenced by millions more people.

Because, we are simply not set up to do so in the way that some organizations are.


Finally, narrative can be defined as

the ability to learn, create, broadcast, and immerse, and to do all four things strategically.
More fundamentally, narrative power is the ability to alter the norms and rules that govern our society.
Narrative execution is the set of systems we keep in place to do so consistently over time.


Must be able to implement narrative and cultural dispersion and immersion over time, across segments, and at scale.

Additionally, requiring actual humans to serve as our primary vehicle for effecting narrative change—people who are genuine, talented, equipped, motivated, and committed.

We cannot ignore the power of brands, including personal brands. (click to read more).

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Shahmeer Khan
Shahmeer Khan

Excellent ! Very well written Maria Umer Khan

Sarah Reza
Sarah Reza

Love it !!!

Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan

Good Content and very well written.

Riaz Ahmed
Riaz Ahmed

Excellent analysis and to the point

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Urmila Devnani

Nice blog..hey would you be interested in hiring for seo based health awareness articles on the blog?

Shahzad Hassan
Shahzad Hassan

I think you are correct in your analysis

Mona Siddiqui
Mona Siddiqui

Don’t you think Imran Khan should speak the truth and not be dubious about his narrative building which is rejected by all concerned except his die hard followers.

Sebastian Chirsten
Sebastian Chirsten

This is so good “requiring actual humans to serve as our primary vehicle for effecting narrative change—people who are genuine, talented, equipped, motivated, and committed.”

Mahwish Khan
Mahwish Khan

Master Class really very well done.

Laura Araujo
Laura Araujo

Love this “the ability to learn, create, broadcast, and immerse, and to do all four things strategically.”

Ibrahim Taha
Ibrahim Taha

At least you are honest about Imran Khan’s narrative being suspicious. Good.

Safia Iqbal
Safia Iqbal

Good Blog. Content writing is so different and therefore authentic would love to collaborate.

Shahzad Hassan
Shahzad Hassan

Imran khan’s narrative is bigger than combined opposition and media. You are correct.

Mona Siddiqui
Mona Siddiqui

Imran Khan all the way Inshallah.

Farheen Khan
Farheen Khan

Beautifully written “As a result, it is usually a case of working against ourselves and our internal biases.”

Milli Joseph
Milli Joseph

Good read would love to know more about you guys

Hamid Darwish
Hamid Darwish

What an outstanding thought process.

Nadir Ercan
Nadir Ercan

Film is a great way to build a narrative. Lets collaborate.

Firat Ozcan
Firat Ozcan

Good Blog

Ramiz Dai
Ramiz Dai

Imran Khan is loved globally and a great human being in history that is why he is believed so much.