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The case for cricket education school programs by Asim Qureshi

The Case For Cricket Education Programs In Schools

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The case for cricket education programs in schools goes hand in hand with the DNA of our population. Firstly, it enables people of all backgrounds to have equal access and opportunity to participate. Secondly, we as a nation live and breathe cricket.

These days online time spent by kids and teens is increasingly becoming problematic along with video game addiction. Cricket is also an entertaining, informative game to play, which is easy to learn by boys and girls from as young as five years old.

Most schools will include cricket as part of their physical education curriculum.

The Role Of Parents

It is up to parents to regulate the amount of time their kids spend online each day. One needs to make sure a child has time for other valuable activities, such as eating healthily, reading, homework, writing, physical activities, etc.

Parent Guide to run the program at home with links to school is vital. That is to say, Learning Intention being :

  • Quality (physical activities) time with cricket as a mutual connection at home
  • Subsequently, perform various cricket skills and activities like homework
  • Curriculum assignments on being creative at home with space and equipment

Certainly, through cricket, one can learn the great life values of integrity and respect. Moreover, it allows opportunities for the development of your child’s personality constructively.

As a result, cricket is a great way to learn the following:

  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Humility
  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Excellence

Perhaps much needed today in our social media-driven behavior these days. However, the sport is hugely popular in schools across the country.

The Role Of Cricket Administration

The purpose is to ensure a whole school approach towards the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles. 

For example, take the case of Cricket Australia. Click the link to visit.

They are empowering Schools & Teachers to include Cricket in Curriculum in a favorable manner. Educating young minds and enabling healthy lifestyles. By providing a fun way to educate and enlighten young minds.

By partnering with cricket managers, school administration can do wonders in providing students with opportunities. To clarify, this should essentially be implemented across all sections i.e usually for both boys and girls. As a result it may well go on to build a practical example on the benefits and importance of Diversity and Inclusion from a young age.

Physical Education OR PE programs run comprehensively with best-in-class resources. Thriving in their physical and mental education through the provision of quality coaching and access to cricket know-how. 

Furthermore, an opportunity for incremental revenue.

Pakistan Cricket Board can construct a commercial deal by providing services like engagement of its professional coaching, education and related staff all year around.

Remember that private schools already collaborate with other facilities and charge monthly fees on sports based extra curricular programs. Moreover, sponsors with interest in schools and cricket can combine to subsidies the same cost to make this program and its outreach bigger and better

Physical Education OR PE can be run comprehensively with best in class resources

School Ambassador Program

The School Ambassador Program has the potential to become the primary point of contact between PCB and Schools. Just like Cricket Australia.

Teacher Training

Gain access to the resources, and knowledge to easily deliver cricket inspired content

In other words. Enhancing teacher capacity to deliver professional outcomes through coaching programs. For example :

  • Expertise Certification on skills and knowledge required
  • Resources for primary and secondary students
Primary Handbook

In the same vein. This comprehensive resource provides teachers with everything they need to run a PE program. Includes :

  • Lesson Plans,
  • Assessment,
  • Coaching Tips,
  • Skill Based Games,
  • Reflection Activities and much more!
It is known fact the young minds learn better and faster.Secondary Handbook

Secondary Handbook

Similarly. This curriculum-aligned PE resource is designed for students in secondary school. Includes

  • Lesson plans
  • Skill and fitness activities
  • Assessment
  • Coaching tips
  • Self-reflection tasks

After School Sessions

Participants each year may enroll in a year long program. Each session will be completed out of school hours. The program will cover individual sessions on:

  • the skills including batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket-keeping.
  • Participants will also learn mental skills, nutrition, and fitness – based upon the latest in skill development techniques and activities.
  • Through this practical training program, including a study of the history and culture of the game,
  • Children will also be educated in laws central to the game itself
In Conclusion

School Programs are generally limiting in nature. Likewise, the life lessons from cricket are not part and parcel of the education process including the curriculum. Therefore, missing out on an opportunity. However, the case is to make an impact at all levels of education.

Above all accredited programs help up-skill and enhance the quality of physical education within our school communities. Consequently both students and teachers develop professional skills.

Therefore, providing professional expertise on cricket and sport development . All sessions under supervision of qualified local cricket coaches trained by the PCB. As a result, becoming an integral part of the official school programs run across the country.

To sum up, the case for cricket education programs in schools across Pakistan will only benefit all stakeholders. Be it schools, students, parents, or sponsors.

By Asim Qureshi


Responsible for Commercial Deals + Branding + Event Management over the years.



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Dr. Saba Raj
Dr. Saba Raj

Nailed It!!! Thanks for being inclusive so prominently starting from the title image to clarifying in the blog that such cricket education programs must be implemented for both girls and boys in schools. I sincerely hope someone out there reads, listens and make it happen.

Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima

Excellent! Please let us know if there is a cricket school education program like this. Our school would love to be a part of this.

Riaz Ahmed
Riaz Ahmed

PCB should take a lead in this. They did a program few years ago but it was not even 10% of what you are talking about. This one is Good.

Rudranayaran Kamila
Rudranayaran Kamila

Actually most asian countries need to run a school program like this. I agree with you completely. Kids these days are better off with a physical sport than video games. Cricket is good answer for it.

Sunil Achari
Sunil Achari

Brilliant! Once again.

Shahmeer Khan
Shahmeer Khan

Visionary! Pakistan needs this.

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar

Wise as always. Cricket is popular sport can help in this way.

Laura Araujo
Laura Araujo

To clarify, this should be for both boys and girls.” This is music to my ears…thank you Asim Qureshi

Sarwat Khan
Sarwat Khan

Pakistan’s Women Cricket can do a lot more if they are given the same level of support from ground up as mentioned by you as schools level. Equally important is also sponsorships. This program is good and Cricket Australia has proved its worth. I sincerely hope PCB takes this up for the sake of cricket’s future and game development all year around.

Jessica A Williams
Jessica A Williams

Great Asim! Do have a look at this

Founded by Tennis legend, Billie Jean King, Women’s Sports Foundation is dedicated to creating leaders by providing girls access to sports. Good Read

Hadia Liaquat
Hadia Liaquat

A school education program is a really good idea but it must be for all sports. Yes cricket is the most popular game played like a religion in Pakistan and probably the best way to start this. I would love to connect on such a program as was actively involved with sports in college before covid hit massively here in Florida

Sarah Raza
Sarah Raza

Hey Asim. Love this one too. Women will rule sports just need equal opportunities like here in the US or as you rightly mentioned Cricket Australia.

Mona Kamal
Mona Kamal

Thanks this got my attention.As a parent living here in Baltimore I can tell you this video game addiction is a serious problem and what you mention here as a solution is the need of the hour. All school going kids need to spend more time in physical activities including sports. I know back home in Pakistan cricket huge but no harm making for all sports.

Zheng Wei
Zheng Wei

E sports is huge beyond imaginations and very addictive. I agree on that as a matter of fact its replacing physical sports.

Olivia James
Olivia James

Hey, I read your earlier blog on sports which is close to my heart especially swimming. This is more related to cricket but thanks for crediting Australia. I must share that Sports is an integral part of being an Australian man or woman. That is inherently built and schools take that up to . It would be great if the whole world does all sports as an education and build it into the curriculum.

Nauman Awan
Nauman Awan

I think Imran Khan should ask Rameez Raja to look into developing a proper school cricket program on the national level and make it compulsory for schools to register in it and learn proper cricket at young age.

Sunil Achari
Sunil Achari

Very nicely said sir “life lessons from cricket are not part and parcel of the education process including the curriculum. Therefore, missing out on an opportunity.”

Shoaib Khan
Shoaib Khan

Excellent approach Asim Qureshi something PCB should look into seriously

Mahwish Khan
Mahwish Khan

My thoughts exactly. Excellent piece Asim Qureshi and Good Luck with it.

Maria Umer Khan
Maria Umer Khan

Excellent!! Asim. Sports is a universal language. Just what it should be like practiced in schools also a great way to teach the values of Diversity and Inclusion. Right from the start.