The Media and You: Interviewee’s Rights

Media and You

The media and our rights have become an issue in the era of fake news. Despite differences between news media, television, newspapers, and digital. However, there are some interview techniques common to all media.  The Media and You Must Get…

Music Streaming Boom: 2020 and Pakistan

Music Streaming Boom

The music streaming boom in 2020 means there has never been a better time for artists. To sell their rights as music publishing is at its peak. Most countries affected by COVID-19 lockdowns increased in users who engage digitally live…

OTT Streaming & The Reality In Pakistan

The reality in Pakistan for OTT Streaming platforms largely revolves around industry stakeholders. Such as: Connectivity is a key barrier to widespread OTT adoption. Until smartphones become more prolific. Data becomes more affordable. Online Payment becomes a norm The content becomes less regulated.